Sharing too much information – everyone has been there before – on the giving or receiving end of it, at least once in their lives. There are some things that guys just don’t want to know about their girlfriends. This list of five major things not to share with your boyfriend will give girlfriends an easy reference for what they should not tell guys.

Guys don’t want to know what the best friend’s life story is

In a lot of cases, a guy is only friends with a girl’s friends because he likes the girl. In the rare case that he actually likes the friends, a few more details are OK. The easiest way to gauge whether or not the girlfriend has given too much information on her BFF is whether or not her boyfriend is asking questions and seems to be an active participant in the conversation. If the guy is silent and answering with yes, and nods, he doesn’t want to know about her friends.

Guys don’t want to know what you do on a girls’ night out

All guys want their girlfriends to go out and have a good time with their friends. But, when the girlfriend is out, the guy is probably fantasizing about his girlfriend having pillow fights in the nude with her friends, but this is probably not the case. In fact, it is not the case. Don’t tell guys what you did on your girls’ night out. Guys don’t want to know. If it is absolutely imperative that he be told what happened, keep the description short and concise, this way the boy will not be bored with the story.

Don’t tell your boyfriend which hunky Hollywood star you have a crush on

Competition is always a good thing. But, when it is against Chris Pine from Star Trek, or Hugh Jackman from X-Men, it is always a losing battle for boyfriends. Everyone gets a crush or infatuation with a Hollywood star every now and again. But, that doesn’t mean that information needs to be shared with her partner. Guys don’t want to know if you are star struck with anyone but them.

Don’t tell your boyfriend what you are doing in the bathroom

It is a fact that girls go to the bathroom together, whenever possible. Though this fact may be a constant mystery to most guys, they still do not want to know what their girlfriend is doing in the washroom. Girls would be telling way too much information if they were to divulge what “number” they were doing in the bathroom. Or, for that matter, anything they accomplished in the bathroom. Keep this information as a highly guarded secret.

A guy usually doesn’t want to know when his girl is on her period

There are a few different positions on this point. Some guys might think that it is better to know when a girl is unavailable for a romp in the bedroom, so they don’t go for it and get shot down. But, the rest of the guys in the world would categorize this under too much information or something they don’t want to know. This period of the month is always hard for a guy. PMS makes life difficult, but it also serves as a clue that a girl in on her period. So, there is really no need to tell him anyway.

This list is a few of the general things that guys do not want to know about their girlfriends. If a girl fears she is about to tell her boyfriend too much information, the best policy is to just ask him if he wants to hear about something. The key to any good relationship is communication, and knowing what the other does not want communicated.