How To Play Coin Master On Your Phone

Coin Master Game is one of the most popular games today among people worldwide. This game is very interesting, as well as it has a beautiful graphical appearance. You will feel the characters as real as you are fighting in the real world. This game supports both the platform whether it is android or IOS. This game is built on the slot machines. But like other slot machines, it doesn’t waste anyone spin when playing, because in every spin you will get something. So, if you want to play this game, first download it on your mobile.

You can download this game from several websites, where they provide you the link. Click on that link and permits your phone to install. After installing the coin master game on your phone, open the app, and start playing. They save several levels, which you have to clear them. After crossing every level your score get increases and you will enter the next level. As we know that it is a slot-based game. So, you can play by spinning these slots by pulling the handle. What the result comes in spin depends on your luck.

coin master mobile game

When you register for this game, you will get free spins. And every hour the player has an opportunity to get five free spins. With every spin, the slot machine gives you coins, hammer, shield, raids, or few free spins. With each spin, you can also get a chance to develop or protect your village. You can also destroy other’s village. When a slot machine stops on the raid then it gives you the way to attack your enemy village. When the slot machine spins and you will get three pigs in a single row, this means you are permitted to raid. When you are going to raid you can dig up the treasure hidden from the opponent’s village. More on this is here.

Now find four suspicious locations where you can dig and find the wealth. You are allowed to dig only three places among the four that you have found. The fourth suspicious location is allowed to dig by those players who have provided foodstuff to their domestic animals. Fourth digging can be done by the pets, only in that situation when they get a raid. Whatever the quantity you steal in a raid will add to your account. You can use this amount in making your village, before your competitor raids you.

Shields help you in protecting your village with the enemy. The lucky wheel is also a special feature of the coin master game. Every time you get the chance to spin you have the opportunity to take different series. If you get three coins in a single row, it means you will receive a lot of money, when you find three hammers in a row it means you have a chance to attack any village. When you getting three pink pigs in a single row, it means you have an opportunity to steal the coins of another player.

In all, to play the game better and easier, you need coin master free spins.