No matter where a single girl is, what she is wearing or how she looks, there’s a dating opportunity to be uncovered – virtually anywhere. This isn’t an idle statement, it is fact! This article goes through the key how-to’s in attracting a male suitor, and in general and can be applied anywhere.

The idea is that singles do not have to put on an act or play up to an ideal they do not fit. Bachelorettes, fear not, this is not a formula that claims to reinvent a dating persona beyond recognition – just to update it. Let change for the better start here.

Use an Inviting Smile to Your Advantage and Get Men Interested

Firstly, smile. There’s a great deal that can be gained from a smile since it doesn’t look too “forward” and it can be completely platonic. A hostile persona is a closed book, and for someone to want to read on, they need to get in on the prologue!

So practise it while in a bar, waiting at the station, queuing in a supermarket … wherever. When thinking positive thoughts, naturally, a smile will follow!

Here’s a top tip: Well presented, glossy lips subconsciously create a positive sexual association for the male, so well glossed lips will never hinder a lady’s chances of being noticed.

Using Eye Contact to Attract Men

Along with well groomed hair and hands, the eyes are noticed and focused upon the most, by everyone subconsciously. To maintain light passing eye contact with a stranger can be exciting; however, it isn’t supposed to be a staring match, just a brief flirtation that may or may not lead to a conversation.

Take home eye advice would be this: Remember to emphasise the eyes – a little mascara or eyeliner can really bring out their colour and shape. Those who do not normally wear make-up need not worry that their chances are dwindling; well groomed eyebrows and carefully coloured and styled hair also bring out the best in a woman’s “peepers”!

Single Ladies, Introduce Yourselves

Not used to starting a conversation with a man? Read on, and fear not, there isn’t much to it and women can get good at verbally creating interest in themselves by simply remaining positive.

For instance; “The service in here is pants, isn’t it?” is not a good conversation starter as there isn’t much scope for it to develop, whereas “Darn, am I glad to be this side of the bar tonight!?” is a good opening gambit as it is short and allows for an agreeable, positive response; Therefore there is more chance of a longer conversation emerging.

Most importantly, any positive conversation will be better received than negative, (nobody likes to hear whinging, especially when socialising) so keep it light and open ended, so when joining back up with friends it doesn’t appear that the conversation has to come to an end. A simple, flirty, “See you around, I hope” will do nicely.

Gain Male Attention, Move Around

Whether or not conversation has been made with the lucky chosen one, ladies on the lookout shouldn’t allow the grass to grow over their perfectly manicured feet!

It’s a simple social technique that keeps a man – or anyone – interested longer than the initial “how do you do?” Best practised in a bar or other social area such as at a sports event; it’s as simple as this – ladies who appear to be socially dynamic, create interest in their general persona. Applied to real-life: Don’t sit in a quiet corner when out with friends, move around and mingle. This creates the opportunity for a mildly prominent position to be gained in any room.

Crucially, relax. In fact, a single lady should forget that there is any reason in particular that she is more mobile than normal, natural confidence is much more attractive than any laboured attempt at it. Remember, It works best when in a larger group of friends as these can be broken down into subgroups, which in themselves provide more potential for mobility, and, importantly, appear a less impenetrable force to a potential suitor.

Finally, Singles Everywhere …

Above all, it is important to not appear to be “on the prowl”; this is intimidating and can be seen as anything but feminine. Subtlety is key, a simple glance is worth ten stares, a brief smile is better than a pout, and a positive exchange is more memorable than a negative one. Anyone who applies the above points should have a date in no time!