Think of your Internet dating profile as an online billboard. Each piece of it is valuable real estate. The headline of your profile may seem like a minor thing, but remember – this piece of the Internet dating puzzle is often one that, along with your picture, will first attract someone to you.

Consider these points in mind when writing your headline:

  1. Keep it short. A three-to-seven word sentence is best. Anything longer and your headline will be cut off in a profile search. Think about a succinct but catchy phrase that will draw someone’s eye to your ad.
  2. Choose subject matter that conveys a bit of your personality and perhaps mentions hobbies or interests indicated in the essay part of your profile. This will not only draw attention to your headline but also bring cohesiveness to your profile.
  3. Avoid negative phrasing. Many singles I work with go through the trouble of joining an online service and then place a phrase like “Nice guys finish last” or “Any decent men left in the world?” at the very top of their profile. This immediately gives a poor impression to the rest of the daters out there. Bottom line is if you start off negative, no one will want to go out of their way to contact you.
  4. Steer clear of headlines that are already overused on the system. Take a look at other headlines and you’ll begin to notice certain phrases repeated over and over. Expressions to avoid include “Why not,” “Giving this a try,” and “Let’s get together.” Remember, with Internet dating you have a very short time to capture a potential date’s attention, so use that space to say something about you. Instead of a bland, “Nice girl,” how about “Scrabble diva,” “Flea market mama,” or even “Never miss a Jet’s game.”
  5. Think about the things you like to do. It’s the quirky, unique parts of us that make us interesting. So take your time and thoughtfully consider which words might sum up your personality or give a glimpse into your life. Headlines don’t necessarily have to describe you, they could instead act as a conversation starter. Do you enjoy going to restaurants? Do you partake in a certain hobby? For example, “Let’s Meet at Tucan Joe’s” or the “Come With Me To The Art Fair” are specific and will immediately attract people who enjoy those types of places and events.